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Giving a gift certificate for weekend vacation is like 3 gifts in one!

1.) The Gift

Pair your gift certificate with a basket of goodies with items that compliment the type of weekend you have in mind. Items for a winter tubing trip could include a scarf, gloves, and hot chocolate. Or maybe you want to plan a family-fun summertime escape. Sunglasses and sunscreen would get the message across. Lazy weekend with no responsibilities? How about a good book and margarita mix? You get the idea. Let your creative juices flow to set the tone for your vacation.

2.) Planning the trip

Planning a vacation is half the fun! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite activities in the area. Get inspired. Be sure to check availability of your chosen activities.

3.) The Trip

Whether you plan to lounge around or fill every minute with activities, making memories and spending time together is the best gift of all.

We have suites and whole-house rentals available. You can check availability online, or give us a call at (304)466-8100 to book your stay. If you want to purchase a gift certificate that you can print at home, please email us at We think you'll love it here!

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