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History of The Townhouse

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

As with every property at The Guest House Inn, the story of The Townhouse is told throughout the walls and rooted in the building’s history of previous owners. The Townhouse was originally referred to as the Woodrum house, owned by Mrs. Nadine Woodrum. Throughout her life, Nadine accomplished many things by adopting many different roles. A graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, she went on to join the U.S. armed forces as a member of WAVES, the female branch of the Naval Reserves. After World War II, she settled in the mountains of West Virginia and began raising her four children. She lived in Hinton for over 60 years and was a member of the State Road Commission, the International Union of Operating Engineers, and The Summers County Magistrate Court.

In spite of the many directions her life took, the thread uniting each change was her constant dedication to volunteering and civic duty. The suites of The Townhouse both honor the memories of the dearly departed Nadine and her son J “Mark” Woodrum, while simultaneously celebrating their journeys of personal growth. Upon her death, Nadine was commemorated as a loyal patron of the Summers County Public Library where she urged mourners to forego flowers in lieu of donations to the library in memory of her son Mark.

Nadine will forever be remembered as a matriarch to the community who wore many colors in her civic presence. This is immortalized in The Townhouse by the panel of stained glass above the main entrance. Overlooking the scenic and historic view of the maple-lined streets of James Row, the house perfectly catches the mid-afternoon sun and refracts the array of colors inward along the walls of an eccentric blend of modern art.

A vintage curation of furniture, including a fireplace, dining area, and bedroom set, are balanced against modern accents of lamps, vases, and table-top sculpture to provide an elegant, yet contemporary, backdrop to all of your vacation photos!

The Townhouse comes equipped with A/C, Wi-Fi, TV, phones, a shower, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, lounge area, and a workspace for $199 a night and pick up the added features of The Mark Suite and it’s two full size beds. The Mark Suite is fitted with luscious burgundy bedding, throwback half poster bed frames, and oversized windows showcasing the quaint townscape outside. Or if you only need a room for two, rent The Nadine Suite for $139! The Nadine comes furnished with sleek dressers, beautiful hardwood floors, a giant tufted ottoman, and personal art gallery on the wall.

Explore the rich history and wonders of southern West Virginia and do so in style! Check in to The Townhouse from The Guest House Inn and check in on social media to proudly post all the best memorable moments of the trip!

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