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Tips for planning a romantic weekend

We’ve all seen it in the movies. A couple surprises each other with reservations, they embark on a scenic road trip, indie coffeehouse acoustic plays in the background, and a montage ensues of winning a stuffed animal at a fair, watching the sun set at the end of a pier, with the final shot of a candlelit dinner rounding out the scene. Audiences everywhere are sure to feel all warm and fuzzy and possibly inspired to plan their own weekend getaway filled with sparks and fireworks. Pulling it off might not be as effortless as the rom-coms suggest so here are a few tips to consider when planning your own romantic trip out of town!

Reserve your spot

Start browsing around online to check out reviews and recommendations from those hotels or B&B’s where people have stayed during their honeymoons or anniversaries. Some locations, like the Guest House Inn, may have romantic suites set aside to reserve for special occasions (check out our Rosemary Suite). Once you’ve made your reservations, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to spend your days. Check out local spas and resorts to see if they have any couple’s specials. Call ahead and reserve a table for two somewhere nice. Maybe even mention on the phone that it’s a special occasion to see if the restaurant offers special services to make the evening an unforgettable experience!

Add a touch of romance

Don’t just refer back to the movies. What are the things that would make this getaway romantic? First think about the days of the trip themselves. Are you planning something special because it’s a holiday or Valentines Day? What is the significance behind the activities you have planned? Is it something you’ve always talked about? Are you going back to the place where you had your first date? Questions like these are important to answer before booking and building your romantic weekend. In the end, it’s the sentimental qualities of the trip that the two of you will look back on fondly!

If you book with The Guest House Inn, check out this list of things to do in the area. You’ll definitely want to look at the Romantic Get-Away options, but there’s bound to be something else depending on your activity level and interests.

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